Fus Ro Meow!

So  despite the fact that Skyrim has recently been remastered and re-released in all it’s shining glory, I must admit I’ve never played it. I was told I’d enjoy it so I picked up a copy off Steam the other week and I have to admit they were right, I have been playing it…


I am already drowning in side quests and have lost count of the amount of times someone has asked me “is that fur coming out of your ears?”

I’m playing as a Khajjit by the way, just before you think I don’t trim my ear hair.

Me and Chris got into a conversation the other night about dragon shouts and our cats (like you do) and we decided if Tali was the Dragonborn her shout would be Fus Ro Meow so inspired by that I drew this



Photoshop Fun – Changing Black and White to Colour

Might get this one on a canvas

I’ve been using Photoshop since college but I still feel like a relative newbie as I normally stick to the basic functions like the paintbrush with the odd effect thrown in. So I’m attempting to widen my skills in both Photoshop and Illustrator by working through a range of tutorials.

I found a site called Digital Arts and a section called 83 best Photoshop tutorials. There are so many different tutorials but today the photo editing aspect peaked my interest so following this tutorial I took one of our black and white wedding photos and using curves and adjustment layers changed it back into colour. I deliberately only choose a couple of elements to colour and I think it works really well. It was also easier than I thought it would be.

Now  on to the next tutorial….