5 days remaining…

So I’m almost at the end of the Walk All Over Cancer challenge with 5 days (including today) to go.

It has been a real challenge and I will admit I have failed to reach 10,000 steps on a few occasions but I am determined to get to a minimum of 300,000 steps by the end of Friday.

I have certainly felt a difference in myself from doing this challenge. I have more energy, don’t get out of breath as easily as I used to and have found I volunteer myself to fetch things or that I don’t mind having to go back when I’ve forgotten something as it all adds to the step count.

So far (not including today) I have racked up…

249,998 steps

and walked

106.4 miles

That’s not bad for 25 days and I only have 50,002 steps left to reach 300,000!

Chris is going to sponsor me once I’ve finished and give me extra if I get over 300,000 so let’s see if I can bankrupt my husband!


If you haven’t already, there’s still time to sponsor me!


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