The Geeky Wife, attempts to, Walk

I was looking at trying to get my Alpha Wolf award this year by doing all four runs but my plans have come unstuck as despite the fact we roped a couple of our friends into the Spring one over a month ago the Summer run falls on a weekend where we have prior family arrangements…bugga.

So we have decided to look at doing the Autumn one and see if we can drag some more newbies into it kicking and screaming, but what to do until then…

What’s that I see on TV? An advertisement about the Walk All Over Cancer challenge from Cancer Research UK, that looks like fun!

So yer I’ve signed myself up to do this challenge which involves walking 10,000 steps everyday in June.

10,000 steps a day isn’t impossible in fact I know Chris often breezes through that total but it’s a different case for me as I struggle with motivation and need a goal, so this should be interesting.

Before we got married like most brides to be I went into fitness mode, lost some weight and felt pretty good. This continued on the honeymoon mainly thanks to the Japanese diet, walking so much and sweating most of my body weight from the 30 degree heat, but when we returned unfortunately I started to put weight back on.

Now I certainly don’t think of myself as fat, but I would like to re-lose the weight and tone myself up a bit so when I saw this campaign I thought that’s something I can do that not only gets my fitness back on track but I can help raise some money for a cause that affects so many people either directly or indirectly.

The Wolf Run’s are good motivation but knowing that other people are giving their hard earned money to sponsor me, makes me want to succeed and not let anyone (or myself) down.

I will be updating as the challenge begins and the weeks following so check back now and if you would like to sponsor me my page is below. I’d be really grateful for any amount you can donate.

The Geeky Wife Walks donation page

Time to buy a new pair of trainers…

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